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Who is the wedding planner of Anouki Areshidze and Kakha Kaladze and what is the key to plan a good wedding


Most recently, the designer and the mayor of the city, after 11 years of living together performed a church wedding ceremony. The same day their boys were baptized. However, they are not the main characters of our present article. The wedding, whose decoration has been talked about a lot, is planned by designer Ani Pirveli. As promised by, an interview with the wedding planner - when and why she decided to quit her job and play a key role in creating the most important day for couples.



- Hello. First of all, let's start with the tradition and let us know who you are and what your life is like.


- I’m Ani Pirveli and due to the activities, my life is quite colorful and varied.



- What’s your profession?


- I am a marketer and have worked in various companies for many years. One day, my profession turned into an event planner.


- When did you get interested in planning weddings?


- Wedding events aren’t the only thing we do. We have lots of different specific events. Many years ago, my friend Jaba Diasamidze joined me for a little joke and fun. We were 16 years old when we brought a friend DJ from Paris and at that time, we had a very large and successful event. Then we organized Jaba’s show together. I got involved seriously and professionally when my friends Kakhi Jordania and Naniko Kldiashvili asked me for help in planning their wedding, which was held in Chateau Mukhrani. I have been working seriously in this field for about 3 years now and I think this is exactly what I want to do. It's never boring, because every new event is a new story, and that's pretty interesting.


- Planning a good wedding is quite expensive. Finding a good designer, in financial terms, is also difficult. How accessible are your services to customers and where can your portfolio be viewed?


- Planning a good wedding doesn't just need a big budget. It takes someone who offers an interesting concept within a defined budget. The key is understanding what you got, understanding the location correctly; It is important match visions between you and the customer. I personally do not massively work on events, as quality is the most important thing to me, I try not to work on many projects together, and every event I organize to be exclusive. With that in mind, I am often unavailable.


- I personally discovered you after Anouki and Kakhi's wedding, which had ideal combinations of colors and elements. What was your wedding preparation like, and what relationship do you have with the couple?


- Preparing for this wedding has been one of the most enjoyable processes for me, in the sense that they had 100% confidence in me, which I think is the most appropriate approach from the customer. I have a long relationship with Anouki and she always liked what I was doing. That's probably why they decided to trust me to plan the most important day for them. I admire their approach to all things.


- Some time ago I was working on an article on what wedding decorations should look like according to 2019 trend and I even found some elements in this wedding. How much do you follow trend and tell us what's trending in the design of wedding ceremony in 2019?


- To be honest with you, I purposefully follow the trend less. But perhaps all that our eyes see and perceive in itself then affects our work.


- Does this trend suit the needs of Georgian couples?


- Yes, of course. I generally think Georgians have a very good taste, perception and sense of beauty.


- What can you tell us about your future plans?


- Nothing at this point. We follow the rhythm and time shows us.


- Just a couple of words about us: is a brand-new online platform where users can view all the details; Music, designer, shoes, accessories, dress, restaurant, compare prices and plan a wedding. How comfortable do you think it is for couples and also for those who want to make their work more accessible?


- I think it's a very good start, especially for those who want to manage their own event processes and design themselves.


- Thanks for the interview. wishes you good luck!


- Thank you!


Photo Gallery from the wedding of Anouki Areshidze and Kakha Kaladze; Kvareli



Photos from the wedding of Kakhi Jordania and Naniko Kldiashvili; Chateau-Mukhrani




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